Why Eat Local?

Eating local is more sustainable, environmentally conscious, and supports our local economy! Local food is usually produced without the use of GMOs, pesticides, synthetics, hormones, or antibiotics.  The food is healthy and helps protect our environment!

Sustainable farming practices don’t degrade and take take take from the soil and the environment as conventional farming methods do. They are based in replenishment and regeneration, so that the land is enhanced, and left in better condition at the end of the growing season, so it can continue to be used responsibly for years to come.

Do you know your farmer? Where does the food you currently buy come from? Unfortunately, its very hard to track the life cycle of the food you eat.  When you eat local, you can feel confident that you know where your food is coming from, you understand the way it’s been prepared from the start, and you no longer have to look past deceiving labels.

By choosing UW Campus Market Garden, you’re supporting local students as well, and allowing us to continue growing and offering healthy local food choices, and employment opportunities to students!